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What Makes SmartCRUTCH Different?

SmartCRUTCH is a versatile mobility device designed to prevent the pain, discomfort and injury commonly associated with conventional underarm or forearm crutches. The unique design offers individuals with short term injuries, long term disabilities or people suffering from chronic hand, wrist or joint disease, a new option in mobility. Unlike conventional crutches that direct an individual’s entire weight load on the hands and wrists, smartCRUTCH is designed to transfer weight load to the forearm. The forearm platform can be adjusted from 15° to a 90° giving users the ability to minimize the compressive forces on the hands and wrists. The smartCRUTCH design spreads the load over a larger surface area resulting in less pain, discomfort and reduction of potential injuries. 

Smartcrutch Fully Adjustable

smartCRUTCH is engineered with durable, lightweight materials and feature ergonomically designed grips to maximize comfort. The forearm platform utilizes memory foam padding for long lasting comfort and an easy push-pin height adjustment system. An hourglass shaped tip is designed to reduce shock and improve grip on a wide variety of surfaces. Features Maximizes comfort through even weight load distribution of hands, wrists and forearms 15° to 90° forearm platform settings to meet personal comfort and mobility requirements Ergonomically designed grips provide natural wrist angle and even load across palm Locking spline allows for secure rotational angle settings 3-point forearm length settings for additional customization 9-position push-pin height adjustment. 

 Hourglass-shaped foot design maximizes surface contact Benefits Transfer of weight to forearm results in less fatigue and injury prevention Less pressure on hands reduces pain, discomfort or blistering Mitigates the potential of pinched or damaged nerves Improves posture and gait resulting in less pain or fatigue Allows freedom of hands while still providing support Easier to navigate while ascending or descending stairs Multiple colors and graphics options to suit personal style

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