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Jennifer has written a detailed review and comparison of smartCRUTCH against crutches she has used in the past, and explained why she switched over (including lots of great photos!)

Read her full blog here called SmartCRUTCH Notes

Jennifer Peacock-Smith is an emerging memoirist who writes ....

Jennifer Peacock-Smith


Chronically Badass Canadian Kerri is a blogger who approached smartCRUTCH to use and review our crutches after enduring a long term injury to her knee due to her biomechanics (Read the ‘About’ page on her website here).

Kerri has now trialled them and has written an extensive blog review which includes a dozen photos as well as two videos of her unboxing and setting them up as well as using them and reviewing.

Here’s her full review on her website

Blogger Kerri


I Received smart crutch a few days after ordering. I have began walking for short periods of time to transition from cane to crutch. My first impression is that I no longer find myself leaning on cane but instead walk with an upright stance. I am in sixth year after stroke that left left side without ability to move.   The stress my right wrist and hand (from using cane ) has been severe in that surgery to repair inflamed tendon sheath was being contemplated   The flexibility of smart crutch to angle of forearm is really beneficial as well as absorbing the weight in walking.

Money well spent on this smart crutch. ”

Don, Oregon, USA

These crutches rock! I wasn’t nervous about my surgery, but was wigged out by the 1-2 months of boot/crutches aftermath. I got these about a week before surgery and practiced – do this if you possibly can. As with any crutch, it’s weird to move this way in the beginning, so I was happy to initially use them w/both legs viable.

After surgery, it didn’t take long to feel more comfortable using them, and a few days after that I was scooting around and actually had fun using them. I had been worried about how they might be on my back and wrists, but that was no problem and in fact I felt my back getting stronger with time.

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Kim, Massachusetts, USA


"So far I'm absolutely loving my smartcrutches. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and can't use traditional crutches. It got to the point where I was stumbling due to my joints giving out and I was no longer able to walk without severe pain in my

hips, knees, and ankles. A friend sent me a link to your website and I ran it past my Physical Therapist who said to give it a shot, and I’m so glad I did!
The main concerns were my shoulders. I have weak shoulders and at times bad pain to go along with that. These cause absolutely no extra pain in my shoulders! My physical​

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Nicole, Massachusetts, USA

Smartcrutch orange with KTM

David says you won't regret your SmartCRUTCH Purchase 

"The axial crutches and platform crutch additions provided by my insurance provider caused significant shoulder pain and callouses on my hands. After a few weeks of using conventional crutches, I had more pain in my shoulder hurt from the crutches than leg pain from the injury I needed crutches for in the first place. Dealing with the insurance company and their subcontractor for DME was painful, the representatives I spoke to had no vested interest in my satisfaction, and it showed throughout Read More

Don, Oregon, USA

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